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スタンフォード大学の最新の研究によれば、グローバルレスポンス評価において、82 %の患者は改善したと報告されております。(59 %著し/中度,23 %軽微)



Pelvic Pain Podcast

Listen to Dr. Wise’s podcasts discussing the resolution of pelvic pain syndromes from his 23 years of experience in treating the condition. Dr. Wise is the director of the National Center for Pelvic Pain Research that offers a 6 day immersion clinic to eligible men and women. He is the co-author with Stanford urologist Dr. Rodney Anderson, of A Headache in the Pelvis.



  • 頻尿/尿意切迫 /排尿ちゅうちょ
  • 座位痛
  • 下腹部痛
  • 尾骨痛/腰痛
  • ストレスで症状が増すことがある
  • 直腸/会陰部痛
  • 陰部痛
  • 熱浴または加熱ヘルプ
  • うつ病/症状に対する恐怖
  • 生活の質の低下
  • 性交時/後痛
  • 便通後の痛みまた は不快感消失
  • 通常の治療法では 解決しない
  • 医学的検査で疾病は 見つからない



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三月 2-7
四月 20- 25
六月 1-6
七月 13-18
八月 24-29
十月 5-10
十二月 7-1

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Published Research & Media

Stanford Emeritus Professor Rodney Anderson discusses the Wise-Anderson Protocol for treatment of prostatitis and chronic pelvic pain syndromes.

A Fix for Stress-Related Pelvic Pain
By Donald G. McNeil Jr., published December 30, 2013
Read the full article on the NY Times website

  • Published research shows that after six months of Wand use most patients showed significant reduction in internal trigger point sensitivity/pain
  • Internal trigger point release can be effectively done by patient
  • The 6-month use of Wand in a clinical trial is associated with significant reduction in emotional distress, symptoms & medication use

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A Headache in the Pelvis: A new understanding and treatment for chronic pelvic pain syndromes